Krzysztof Maruniak appointed as NED 

We are continuously developing a network of mentors and advisers who will help us understand our main markets and guide us on our business journey. That is why we are very proud to present our next Non-Executive Director with expertise in the metals & mining industry.

Krzysztof Maruniak is an experienced mining operation and strategy manager as Head of Sierra Gorda Department within KGHM – Sierra Gorda is one of the major global copper and molybdenum mines, located in Chile (>USD 6b CAPEX). He is responsible for the management of the operation, optimisation and development of a project with over 1b USD annual operating budget. Due to its scale and specific character, Sierra Gorda is one of the world’s most innovative and challenging mining operations. His vast experience ranges in development, optimisation and due diligence processes over the mining projects located in North & South America, Europe, Africa and Australia in which he engaged in initiatives oriented on technology, organisational and operational transformations.


In his role as NED, Krzysztof is going to support the development of SGPR-based solutions in the mining industry – one of our key markets – thanks to his broad understanding of the industry processes and market needs. With his great industry overview, we would be able to tailor our solution to match the opportunity and deliver a solution for an ongoing global transformation of the mining industry.